2019 Topps Series 2 vs 2019 Topps Update

I started to go thru the 2019 Topps Update checklist and was less than enthused. But what was I really expecting? I knew Yordan Alvarez wasn’t going to be in this set, he will be in 2020 Topps Series 1. So, who are the players to collect in the 2019 Topps update set and which cards are we still all in on in 2019 Topps Series 2?

I am really talking about base cards to collect, buy, invest in. I don’t feel that their autograph cards are the ones people truly want, Bowman proudly carries that torch.

2019 Topps Update

Here is a group of players who’s rookie cards first appear in Topps Update.

Cavan Biggio (Blue Jays) , Austin Riley (Braves), Michael Chavis (Red Sox), Nick Senzel (Reds), Brendan Rodgers (Rockies), Keston Hiura (Brewers), Carter Kieboom (Nationals), Mike Yastrzemski (Giants).

I am a big fan of Keston Hiura and Cavan Biggio. So is everyone else. These will be the two rookie cards that you should go after. If you are not buying hobby, jumbo, or blaster boxes; you should buy lots of these cards in November and December when prices go down.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a rookie card, but he also has a rookie card in Series 2. The series 2 version is a short print, but how short is still being debated. There are definitely less Vladimir Guerrero Jr. series 2 cards then a typical base card for the set. But will Vladimir Guerrero Jr. update card act the same as Ronald Acuna Jr. Update? If he plays up to his potential then we are definitely looking at something similar.

If next season , Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a break out year, these boxes can be flipped for big profit. We saw 2018 topps update cards at clearance aisles in Walmart and Target around Christmas time. I would allow some money to buy boxes and blasters to hold for August/September 2020.

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There are no Pete Alonso, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Eloy Jimenez base rookie cards. They all have rookie debut cards which doesn’t have a high resale value. Alonso has an all-star card and a home run derby card. But these players all have autograph cards and inserts. For example, Alonso has 25 different cards in the set whether it’s an insert or autograph. The insert I like the most is the 1984 topps insert either the auto and non auto versions.

2019 Topps Series 2

The biggest cards to get is Pete Alonso, Fernando Tatis Jr., Eloy Jimenez, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. base rookie cards. There is nothing in Update that will be investment worthy for Alonso, Tatis Jr., or Jimenez with regards to their base cards. Buying lots of these cards and getting them graded will yield the best results.

Yusei Kikuchi rookie card has a short print and a super short print. But he really pitched poorly this year and he is older than a typical rookie, 28. However, if he turns things around these cards could get real expensive because of how rare they are. Might be a buy low and pray type of card.

They all have 1984 Topps base and autograph versions in Series 2 and also in Topps Update. That should be fun to figure out which one is what. Not that hard just check the back of the card. However, I do feel that these insert cards are collectible and you can flip to make money. I think grading the autograph versions of the 1984 inserts will make your the most money, that is for both Series 2 and Update.

What do I think?

I believe Topps Series 2 will be the “flagship” set to collect. You have a limited version of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Rookie Cards of Pete Alonso, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Eloy Jimenez. I feel that these rookie cards will outshine Cavan Biggio, Nick Senzel, Keston Hiuru, and the rest of the crew. Thank God I can revise my own posts so if the opposite is the case I can change it up and say, “No! I didn’t say it!”. Lol.

Buy some cards and go broke!

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    1. The gold is actually going for $200.00 and in a PSA 10 it’s going for about $500! He played really well and people think he is going to be a great player. They also have to have some faith in the Padres, which is the major issue.

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