9 Tips to Help you Sell Baseball Cards on Instagram

You are getting back into collecting and you’re pumped up. You have been getting good deals and now you want to sell. Ebay charges 10% and PayPal charges 3%. Damn the man you say and you start to look for alternatives places to selling online. The kids these days have been using Instagram. I’m hip, I’m cool. Let me create an account and start taking “pics” of my cards. I will be rolling in the dough. It doesn’t quite work that way.

It is difficult to get a sale, especially if they don’t know you. Why should they buy from you? They don’t know you or trust you. Trust is built over time. Here are 9 Tips to Help you Sell Sports Cards on Instagram:

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Here is an episode of my podcast where I talk about selling on Instagram.

1. Hash Tags – Search popular hashtags and make sure use them when posting your pictures. When you start you won’t have any followers. People follow hashtags so there is one way for people to like your photos and maybe start to follow you. After you post a pic, comment on your picture with popular hashtags. Here are a couple to use #topps, #cardcollector,#thehobby, #whodoyoucollect, #baseballcards, #cardcollection

Quick Tip – I wrote all of my hashtags in my iPhone notepad. When I post a picture on Instagram, I head over to my hashtag notes and copy them. I go back and paste these hashtags as a comment on my Instagram post.

2. Post Daily and Multiple Times – You need to post often – Minimum 2-3 times per day. In order for you to gain traction and get followers you need to be posting everyday. Nice clear photos, don’t try to sell all the time. Post pictures of cards that are in your pc (personal collection). Try to post when people are on, early morning, during lunch, and when people are home from work.

3. Interact with the Community – You need to be constantly on Instagram commenting on other people’s post and liking their photos. You can also like other people’s comments left for another user. They will get a notification that you liked their comment and they may check your profile out. Be genuine when responding. Don’t just give generic comments because who wants that? Give them a piece of advice and you may gain a follower.

4. Post on stories – The picture you just posted can be put into your stories. People who may have missed your post on their feed will be able to see it on your stories. These only last for 24 hours but they have been proven to get more responses. People check out stories and you will get better engagement. It’s also a place to ask questions to get engagement from your followers. You should also create videos specifically for Instagram stories. Use it as a Vlog for a potential card buy or sale. Let people inside your journey and people will want to interact and potentially buy something from you.

5. Buy cards – In order for you to gain a reputation you should buy cards from other people. It will lead to credibility and the beginning of building your reputation. But please be careful don’t just buy off of anyone with an account. Check the scammer’s list and check their comments. A lot of times when people have shady dealings people will call them out in the comments.

6. Post Videos – You should post videos of your cards, making sure that when starting the video the card is in frame and clear. That is because when scrolling thru posts, they will see the card that you are starting with. So make it a good one! Also, you can talk about collecting and anything you learned.

7. Go Live! – On stories you can go live and interact with your followers. The more you engage, the better. Also, people like to see who they are dealing with.

8. Follow other People – People will follow, people who follow them. I don’t believe in follow for a follow, but if you like their pictures and their comments, show some love!

9. Patience – You probably won’t get people to buy your cards right away. You need to build reputation and an audience. You will need a following of over 1,000 to start seeing some good results.

Just to let you know, you will not have overnight success. But I promise you this, if you do this everyday you WILL see real results. The more you do, the quicker you will get there. Their isn’t any shortcuts. If you post, engage, and build a great reputation; you will see results.

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