The Baseball Card Shipping Supplies all Card Collectors Need

When I started to collect I would walk by a local candy store that sold baseball cards. I would try and not by blasters of baseball cards because that’s not how you should flip and/or invest. But my obsession got the best of me. So, I bought a blaster of 2018 Topps Heritage, opened them up, and then realized I have nothing to put these in! What I did was put them right back in the pack and put the packs in the box it came in. Success! Not really. Corner don’t really like that.

So these are the supplies I bought off of Amazon. I used all of these supplies and if I haven’t I will let you know as well. In either case, these worked out really well and protected my cards. They also fit nicely underneath my bed with plenty of room for my cards and blowup dolls. I keep them underneath the guest bed so my wife doesn’t see how much I really bought! It’s just a bunch of old boxes, nothing to see move along.

Top Loaders – Standard – 3″ x 4″ – You need to keep your cards protected and you will need top loaders . This gives you 200 standard thickness top loaders and it also comes with 200 penny sleeves. This is the first thing I bought once I realized I didn’t have anything to protect my cards. More than enough to get you started. Click Here to Purchase.

Storage Boxes – When you start opening wax boxes, you will have a lot of commons as well as cards that you will have in toploaders. You will need a large box to put these in to keep them protected and stored where they are not all over your table. These boxes can hold cards with or without toploaders. Just note if you use them for only top loaders the row at the end won’t be wide enough so you could only fit cards in penny sleeves or just unprotected cards. The box can hold up to 5000 cards. I bought these boxes but this gives you 3 boxes for the same price I paid. Click Here to Purchase.

Top Loaders Boxes – If you are looking for a box that can hold just hold your top loaders I have heard this box is excellent. It holds up to 675 cards in top loaders. I have never bought this, but heard enough good things about this. This particular one comes with 3 boxes and it’s pretty cheap as well. Click Here to Purchase.

Card Savers – If you are looking to submit cards to psa and bgs you will need to put your cards into something else besides top loaders. I typically put my cards in a penny sleeve and then slide it in a card saver. Then you can ship them off to get graded. Click Here to Purchase.

Graded Box Holder – When you start buying cards left and right when you start collecting career, because you have absolutely no will power, you will buy graded cards. I had stacked psa and Beckett graded cards and no place to put them. I had card boxes but they weren’t tall enough. So this is the box I purchased. It holds about 75-80 graded cards, alittle less if they are all Beckett. Click Here to Purchase The next link gives you 3 boxes for the same price, I just haven’t used them but it looks like a great deal Click Here to Purchase – I would buy this one and you won’t have to worry about storing your graded cards for awhile.

Small Set Boxes – If you are looking to sell sets you are going to need smaller boxes that you can ship them in. There are 400 count boxes you can get for $5, but this link gives you a bundle of 50 for less than a $1 per box. If the boxes are too big then just add paper to restrict movement of your cards. Click Here to Purchase.

Team Bags – When selling team sets you should store them in team bags! Wow what a concept. I bought 100 for $5.00 but this is a better deal – 400 for $10.00. My loss is your gain. Click Here to Purchase.

All of these links are affiliate links. I will get a commission everytime you buy something through these links. It doesn’t cost you anything but it puts a little coin in my pocket. All of the money will go to the Buy me more baseball cards fund. Hope you enjoy!

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