Baseball Cards Releasing in July 2019

July 3rd – Topps Factory Set – $60.00-70.00 Both Series 1 and 2 base cards are in the set. Hobby you will get a pack of foilboard parralels – Retail/Online probably have their own exclusive items. I know Vlad Guerrero Jr will have a different image card in this set as well. Yeah….

July 10 – 2019 Topps Diamond Icons – Hobby Box selling for $1,650.00 so if your not cheap buy a box! Comes with 7 autographs, 2 Auto relics, and 1 relic.

July 12th – 2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball – $200.00 – No mlb logo cards – 6 on card autographs.

July 17th – 2019 Donruss Optic – Hobby Box – $113.00 – On average – 2 Auto’s, 5 prizm and 5 #’d parallels, and 12 inserts. If you like professional players in solid colored uniforms this is the set for you.

July 17th – 2019 Allen and Ginter – Hobby Box – $107.00 – 3 Hits per box, either Auto’s, Relics, Rip cards, Booklets, and Buybacks) – Auto’s look nice, but they have a ton of cards that have nothing to do with baseball. They are nice at first but when you have 30 cards showing the signs of the moon you start to get angry.

July 24th – Topps Clearly Authentic – $60.00 – 1 encased card per box. Pray and hope for the best on this set. This should be called Topps Clearly Gambling and Praying Series.

July 24th – Panini Immaculate Collection – No pricing, but it will be a $200-300 box – 6 autos or relics. They look the same or very similar each year.

July 24th – Topps Tribute – $305.00 – Hobby Only – Each box has 3 autographs, 1 – stamp of approval, 1 dual relic, and 1 triple relic. They look nice but are pricey. For the fancy folk.

July 31st – Topps Chrome – $130.00 Hobby Box – 2 auto’s -24 packs with 4 cards in each. Jumbo will have 5 auto’s. What are you doing buying this? It’s a not as good version of Bowman Chrome. Just get Bowman Chrome – Which comes out later in the year. You know you want it. 1984 style in chrome looks nice, but just buy what you want.

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