2019 Topps Series 2 vs 2019 Topps Update

I started to go thru the 2019 Topps Update checklist and was less than enthused. But what was I really expecting? I knew Yordan Alvarez wasn’t going to be in this set, he will be in 2020 Topps Series 1. So, who are the players to collect in the 2019 Topps update set and which cards are we still all in on in 2019 Topps Series 2?

I am really talking about base cards to collect, buy, invest in. I don’t feel that their autograph cards are the ones people truly want, Bowman proudly carries that torch.

2019 Topps Update

Here is a group of players who’s rookie cards first appear in Topps Update.

Cavan Biggio (Blue Jays) , Austin Riley (Braves), Michael Chavis (Red Sox), Nick Senzel (Reds), Brendan Rodgers (Rockies), Keston Hiura (Brewers), Carter Kieboom (Nationals), Mike Yastrzemski (Giants).

I am a big fan of Keston Hiura and Cavan Biggio. So is everyone else. These will be the two rookie cards that you should go after. If you are not buying hobby, jumbo, or blaster boxes; you should buy lots of these cards in November and December when prices go down.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a rookie card, but he also has a rookie card in Series 2. The series 2 version is a short print, but how short is still being debated. There are definitely less Vladimir Guerrero Jr. series 2 cards then a typical base card for the set. But will Vladimir Guerrero Jr. update card act the same as Ronald Acuna Jr. Update? If he plays up to his potential then we are definitely looking at something similar.

If next season , Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a break out year, these boxes can be flipped for big profit. We saw 2018 topps update cards at clearance aisles in Walmart and Target around Christmas time. I would allow some money to buy boxes and blasters to hold for August/September 2020.

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There are no Pete Alonso, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Eloy Jimenez base rookie cards. They all have rookie debut cards which doesn’t have a high resale value. Alonso has an all-star card and a home run derby card. But these players all have autograph cards and inserts. For example, Alonso has 25 different cards in the set whether it’s an insert or autograph. The insert I like the most is the 1984 topps insert either the auto and non auto versions.

2019 Topps Series 2

The biggest cards to get is Pete Alonso, Fernando Tatis Jr., Eloy Jimenez, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. base rookie cards. There is nothing in Update that will be investment worthy for Alonso, Tatis Jr., or Jimenez with regards to their base cards. Buying lots of these cards and getting them graded will yield the best results.

Yusei Kikuchi rookie card has a short print and a super short print. But he really pitched poorly this year and he is older than a typical rookie, 28. However, if he turns things around these cards could get real expensive because of how rare they are. Might be a buy low and pray type of card.

They all have 1984 Topps base and autograph versions in Series 2 and also in Topps Update. That should be fun to figure out which one is what. Silly, but true. However, I do feel that these insert cards are collectible and you can flip to make money. I think grading the autograph versions of the 1984 inserts will make your the most money, that is for both Series 2 and Update.

What I think?

I believe Topps Series 2 will be the “flagship” set to collect. You have a limited version of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Rookie Cards of Pete Alonso, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Eloy Jimenez. I feel that these rookie cards will outshine Cavan Biggio, Nick Senzel, Keston Hiuru, and the rest of the crew. Thank God I can revise my own posts so if the opposite is the case I can change it up and say, “No! I didn’t say it!”. Lol.

Buy some cards and go broke!

September Basketball Card Releases

2019-20 Panini Contender Draft – September 4th

1st official Zion rookie card. This will be the hottest cards on the market. 6 autographs and 30 inserts per box. 18 cards per pack, 6 packs per box, 12 boxes per case. $295.00 per box, most over $300.

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2018-19 Panini Immaculate Collection Basketball Cards – September 13th, 2019

High end cards, look awesome. But this is for last year, no Zion in this release. 6 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 5 boxes per case. 3 autos and 2 memorabilia cards. $499.00 per box

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September Baseball Card Releases

Topps Luminaries – September 4th, 2019

2019 topps luminaries

1 Card per pack , 1 pack per box & 12 boxes per case. The highest # of each card is /15. Beautiful cards and the ultimate gamble. $197.00 per box .

Buy your Topps Luminaries Hobby Box here

Futera Unique Baseball Collection Prospects & Legends Cards – September 4th, 2019

This is a new product. Only 75 cases made. 1 autograph per pack with 2-6 cards per pack. 4 packs per box. $405. 00 per box.

Buy your Futera Unique Baseball Hobby Box Here

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Bowman Chrome – September 11th, 2019

This is an extremely popular set. If you are thinking of buying them – order presale for the cheapest prices. You can click the link below to buy the cheapest box. Hobby Box – 5 cards per pack, 12 packs per master box (2 mini boxes) comes with 2 autographs per master box. Please make sure you buy 1 master box and not 1 mini box. $150.00 per hobby box.

Buy your Bowman Chrome Hobby Box Here

Topps Triple Threads – September 18th 2019

7 cards per pack , 2 packs per box, and 18 boxes per case. You get 2 auto’s /99 or less and 2 relics /36 or less per box. $193.00 per box

Buy your Topps Triple Threads Hobby Box Here

Panini National Treasures Baseball Cards – September 25th, 2019

High end set. Beautiful cards. All 8 cards per pack are autographs. 4 boxes per case. $499.00 per box.

Buy your Panini National Treasures Hobby Box Here

Topps Gold Label – September 25th, 2019

Affordable box with 1 autograph per box. 5 cards per pack, 7 packs per box. 16 boxes per case. $65.00 per box.

Buy your Topps Gold Label Hobby Box Here

Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Cards – September 25th, 2019

1970 design. 8 cards per pack, 18 packs per box. 12 boxes per case. Comes with box toppers and 1 autograph and 1 relic. $70.00 per box.

Buy your Heritage Minor League Hobby Box Here

Which Hobby Box is Ronald Acuna Jr. Rookie Cards In?

One of the biggest questions I’ve been getting recently in the baseball card world is which box do I have to buy to get a Ronald Acuna Jr. Rookie card. Bat up is where, bat down is what? Their are so many sets. Collectors see rookie card and they literally don’t know which hobby box to buy and get them. So I decided to fix that. Here are some of the main Ronald Acuna Jr. rookie cards in the great year of 2018.

2018 Topps Update US#250 – This is called the bat up card. If you buy a hobby box you should get at least one of these cards. Popular card because people can actually get these in a box.

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2018 topps update Ronald Acuna Jr.  US250

2018 Topps Series 2 #698 – Also, known as the bat down card. 1 hit per case, so they say, who is they, I don’t know but it is much rarer and double/triple the cost.

Get your 2018 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box – Click Here

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2018 Topps Update #250 Variation

Get your 2018 Topps Update Hobby Box – Click Here

2018 Topps Update SSP #250 White Jersey with Bat & White Jersey with Glove

Get your 2018 Topps Update Hobby Box – Click Here

2018 Topps Holiday Mega Box – Walmart Exclusive

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2018 Topps Chrome Sapphire – An extremely expensive version of the bat down card. A couple of thousand at least.

Get your 2018 Topps Chrome Sapphire – Click Here

2018 topps chrome sapphire Ronald Acuna

2018 Topps Chrome #193

Get your 2018 Topps Chrome Hobby Box – Click Here

2018 Topps Chrome Ronald Acuna

2018 Toppe Chrome Update #HMT25 – Mega Boxes – Target Exclusive

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2018 Topps Chrome Update Ronald Acuna Jr.

2018 Topps Heritage High Number Rookie Card

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2018 Topps Heritage High Number Color Swap – Braves is in white, not yellow.

Get your 2018 Topps Heritage High Number Hobby Box – Click Here

2018 Topps Heritage Action Variation – Different picture from base card. This is the card most people will buy when it comes to investing.

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2018 topps heritage high number action ronald acuna jr

2018 Topps Living Set – 46,809 of these were made.

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2018 topps living set ronald acuna jr.

2018 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

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2018 Bowman – comes in paper and chrome.

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2017 Bowman – 1st Bowman Card – this card comes in paper, chrome, and autograph

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2017 bowman chrome ronald acuna jr

2017 Bowman Chrome Draft – comes in paper and chrome

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Doesn’t Topps and Bowman make it so easy for you to follow? I hope this helps you out. Enjoy!

What Different Types of Baseball Card Inserts are there?

When you first start out collecting you realize that autographs and relics (a piece of a bat or jersey from a player) are the norm. Back in my hey day, the early 90’s, they didn’t exist. To get an autograph in a pack of cards would be some crazy feat. It was for dealers who opened up cases and not mere peasants such as myself. Truthfully outside of Upper Deck I don’t ever remember hearing about an autograph in a wax box. Also, chasing the rainbow doesn’t mean wearing your most fanciest hat and joining a pride parade. What am I even talking about? I will get to what that means later on. So after the parade where do you start?

What are all these different inserts, parallels, printing plates, yes the actual printing plates they used to create that cards, mean? I will break it down for you. If you want to be honest I would have thought that a game used bat on a card would be more valuable then an autograph, but the baseball world doesn’t think so. At this point no one even cares about relics, with regards to resale value. Autographs and scarcity is what they truly care about. Autographs with a jersey patch is even better! However, I will start with 2018 Bowman cards. The rest of the brands follow suit more or less. 

You can buy bowman cards in packs, blasters (retail only), hobby box, and jumbo boxes. Within these sets they have color coded system which indicates cards scarcity. Which is what collecting the rainbow means. You first have the standard bowman card or what people call paper cards. These are cards that are regular run of the mill cards. Now with these cards they can come in the following colors sky blue, purple, blue, green (retail), sparkle, gold, orange (hobby only), red, platinum, and printing plates. Each of these colors indicate the number of cards produced of each card. If it’s sky blue they made 499 of these. That’s it. No more that 499. Purple 250, Blue 150, Green 99, Gold is 50, Orange is 25, Red is 5, and 1/1 platinum is just that, 1 card was made like that. Now when you have the card in your hand and you see a purple card it will also have the specific card out of /250, so it would say 5/250. This will follow suit for all of the cards. Just a note each year Bowman will change colors slightly or may add colors, even the amount of cards may change a little. But it will always state how many of each card was made on the card.

Next, you will have Bowman Chrome cards these cards will say chrome on them and they have a different feel to them. They are very shiny and look nicer. They have the same color coded system as stated above. However, the chrome cards have a refractor and /499 version as well. The refractor will look shinier, more colors will come off of them when light is directly on them. It will also say refractor on the back of the card. 

Now each one of these has an autograph version of the same cards discussed. With the chrome version being worth more money then the paper counter parts. These are the cards that are collectible and more desirable. Some of these cards are extremely expensive especially the top prospects. We are talking about prices in the thousands for players who haven’t played an inning in the majors. Yea that makes sense.

Just to make it fun they also have a mojo and shimmer version of bowman cards. They don’t sell for as much as the solid colors. They usually follow suit and have a blue, purple, orange, red, etc. Some of these cards look real nice. The one to the left is a shimmer and the one to the right is mojo.

The next couple are not from Bowman. Some sets have their own inserts or parallels. Below is a sepia refractor. This is included in Topps Chrome Set.

Below are two jersey patches – Immaculate Collection on the left and Museum Collection on the right.

The next card is an Auto Relic card. It’s an autograph and either a piece of jersey or bat. This is a 2019 Topps Musuem Collection.

Here are two relic cards. One with a bat. The Donruss elite, no logo, looks really nice if you can get over the no logo thing. The one to the right is 2019 Topps Diamond Icon, the boxes are extremely expensive $1,650 for a box! This card has a piece of his cleat!

Hopefully this gives you a good taste of all the different inserts that are out there. Yes, if you are getting back into collecting this is a daunting task. But I think adding these has really pushed collecting and the hobby in general into a much better position from when I was collecting in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Enjoy!

I Was Wrong about 2019 Stadium Club

So I was checking out the previous years stadium club cards and thought to myself they look nice, but resale values aren’t great. This wasn’t a deep dive look but just my initial impression. Stupid! I’m so stupid!

I do a daily podcast, click here and subscribe, and I tell people not to buy this set because the reasons I stated previously. Again, stupid, you’re so stupid! I said this just looking at Cardboard Connection and nothing else. I shouldn’t have given an opinion until I at least saw a box opening of it. The next day I quickly reneged on what I said.

Why did I renege? Well that night I watched a box opening on YouTube – Jabs Family (should subscribe to his channel) and when I looked at each base card, the colors and pictures just popped. They looked simply amazing. At the time they were $60-$70 per box and you received 2 auto’s. Not a bad deal. Then I watched a breaker open a case and I fell in love. In my opinion these are the best looking cards I have seen since getting back into the hobby, which was last September.

So what did I do? Immediately, bought 2 boxes of these cards. I may buy more because I would like to collect the set. Following dealers on twitter, which I suggest you all do, I learned that it takes about 3 to 4 boxes to get a complete set. Their are 300 cards to the set this year. Stadium Club is considered the hardest set to get out of a case and the price reflects this. It cost about $60-70 to buy a complete set.

Check out my video where I open up my two boxes!

Too be honest I didn’t see any of the inserts, the base cards are the ones that looked great. The base cards have a bunch of variations (Black foil, gold foil, red foil, basically a lot of different foil, as well as Chrome versions of these cards. Also, each insert has an autograph version so they really try to make things as confusing as possible. A Topps staple. Here are some of the inserts you can get in a box of Stadium Club.

The Beam Team you only get 1 in a box.

They look nice but the picture quality isn’t close to what the base cards are.

A new insert, but they are all new to me since it’s the first time I am collecting them is the warp speed insert. Based off of cardboard connection they are going for a 90’s theme.

Another insert is Emperor’s of the Throne. They don’t look terrible either. So enthusiastic. I know.

The case hit Instavision insert will be harder to get. They also come in red, black, orange, and gold parallels. Eh….

Don’t forget about the Box Toppers! They look amazing. Yes I posted a pic above but it’s so good i had to post this picture again. 1 per box and some may be signed.

Awesome, amazing, stupendous. Yeah, you get it I like this set. The pictures are amazing! I think the base set and their autograph’s are the cards to collect. The inserts are okay. I like the look of the Beam Team the best. The price of a hobby box when released was around $60-70, is a great price for a box that guarantees 2 autographs.

As always, Buy some cards and go broke!

Baseball Cards Releasing in July 2019

July 3rd – Topps Factory Set – $60.00-70.00 Both Series 1 and 2 base cards are in the set. Hobby you will get a pack of foilboard parralels – Retail/Online probably have their own exclusive items. I know Vlad Guerrero Jr will have a different image card in this set as well. Yeah….

July 10 – 2019 Topps Diamond Icons – Hobby Box selling for $1,650.00 so if your not cheap buy a box! Comes with 7 autographs, 2 Auto relics, and 1 relic.

July 12th – 2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball – $200.00 – No mlb logo cards – 6 on card autographs.

July 17th – 2019 Donruss Optic – Hobby Box – $113.00 – On average – 2 Auto’s, 5 prizm and 5 #’d parallels, and 12 inserts. If you like professional players in solid colored uniforms this is the set for you.

July 17th – 2019 Allen and Ginter – Hobby Box – $107.00 – 3 Hits per box, either Auto’s, Relics, Rip cards, Booklets, and Buybacks) – Auto’s look nice, but they have a ton of cards that have nothing to do with baseball. They are nice at first but when you have 30 cards showing the signs of the moon you start to get angry.

July 24th – Topps Clearly Authentic – $60.00 – 1 encased card per box. Pray and hope for the best on this set. This should be called Topps Clearly Gambling and Praying Series.

July 24th – Panini Immaculate Collection – No pricing, but it will be a $200-300 box – 6 autos or relics. They look the same or very similar each year.

July 24th – Topps Tribute – $305.00 – Hobby Only – Each box has 3 autographs, 1 – stamp of approval, 1 dual relic, and 1 triple relic. They look nice but are pricey. For the fancy folk.

July 31st – Topps Chrome – $130.00 Hobby Box – 2 auto’s -24 packs with 4 cards in each. Jumbo will have 5 auto’s. What are you doing buying this? It’s a not as good version of Bowman Chrome. Just get Bowman Chrome – Which comes out later in the year. You know you want it. 1984 style in chrome looks nice, but just buy what you want.