1985 Topps Football Card Analysis

This set is one of my favorite sets of all time. The black border with the horizontal pictures made it such a good looking card. I have all of the major cards in the set. Now thinking I was a savy collector I knew I kept them in pristine condition. But when I went to my house to pick up my riches I was disappointed big time. As I sat alone weeping I then wanted to dig more into how much I really lost.

So should you invest in this year. Yes! Why? Head over the PSA to check the pop reports and you will understand why. Out of the 45, 295 cards that have been graded 4,800 have been graded as PSA 10. So it’s around 10.5% of all graded cards are graded as PSA 10! Because of this you have some common cards selling anywhere from $50 to $250! The one thing about this is their are many cards with only a handful of PSA 10. But the more that come into population the lower the price will become.

So this set has 396 cards. Their is only one big name rookie and his name is Warren Moon! His PSA 10 goes for around $400.00.

The wax box has 36 packs with 15 cards, 1 sticker, and 1 piece of gum. So you would get 540 cards per box. That means you should get an entire set from a box. However you will have to subtract at least 36 cards because of damage the gum will do to the cards. Should you take the risk or Let some one else? Right now a BBCE (baseball card exchange) box which ensures that the box hasn’t been searched goes for $500.00.

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The other notable rookies are Irving Fryar, who was found guilty of mortgage fraud, Chicago Bear great Richard Dent, Mike Munchak, and Mark Clayton from the Miami Dolphins. Mark Clayton and Mark Duper used to cause me fits as a Jet fan and they were really good in Tecmo Super Bowl too.

Now you also have 2nd year cards for Dan Marino and John Elway. As well as Walter Payton, Joe Montana, and Eric Dickerson. These cards go for a lot of money.

Joe Montana PSA 10 are going for a little over $400.00. There are 56 psa 10.

Eric Dickerson PSA 10 are going for $260-275.00. There are only 9 psa 10 cards and 56 psa 9’s.

Click here to get a PSA 8 Eric Dickerson, PSA 9 and 10 are not for sale at this time.

Walter Payton PSA 10 are going for around $2,000.00! There are only 15 psa 10’s. PSA 9’s even go from $200-$300.

Click here to get a PSA 9, no 10’s are for sale.

John Elway PSA 10 goes for $950-975.00. There are only 20 psa 10’s and 132 psa 9’s.

Dan Marino PSA 10 goes from $300, $415, and $600. There are 41 of these PSA 10’s. But a psa 9 goes for around $35. That is a big difference!

One of the problems is that their are not a lot of PSA 10’s for sale. If they are they are priced extremely high. If they go to auction and their was a low amount of PSA 10’s it will go pretty high compared to other year commons.

Now there are more cards that go for a lot of money, but here are some of the more common players that still go for big dollars in a PSA 10.

UWE Von Schamann – PSA 10 – $219.00 – Only 3 PSA 10’s

Hershel Walker PSA 10 – $220.00 – Only 3 Psa’s 10’s

Hand cut box bottoms – PSA graded 8 – $59.00

Gerald Riggs – PSA 10 – $217.00 – Only 2 Psa 10’s

In conclusion, I love this set but collecting a set in psa 10 will be nearly impossible and expensive. You can find these cards in PSA 9’s and their price in most cases are much much much, yes 3 much’s cheaper. Happy Hunting and buy some cards and go broke!

September Football Card Releases

Panini Black – September 4th, 2019

5 cards per pack, 1 pack per box. 2 autograph’s, 1 memorabilia card and 2 base cards. $100.00 per box.

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Panini Spectra – September 13th, 2019

4 cards per pack, 4 packs per box, 8 boxes per case. 4 autographs per box, 6 relics, 5 base, and 1 insert. $359.00 per hobby box.

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Panini Flawless Collegiate – September 18th, 2019

10 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 2 boxes per case. 6 autographs, 2 memorabilia, and 2 gem cards per pack. $1,400.00 per box. Yikes.

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Panini XR – September 18th, 2019

7 cards per pack, 2 packs per box, 15 boxes per case. 2 autographs and 1 memorabilia per hobby box. $133.00 per box.

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 Panini Illusions – September 25th, 2019

5 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners). 3 autographs and 2 relics per hobby box. $165.00

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September Basketball Card Releases

2019-20 Panini Contender Draft – September 4th

1st official Zion rookie card. This will be the hottest cards on the market. 6 autographs and 30 inserts per box. 18 cards per pack, 6 packs per box, 12 boxes per case. $295.00 per box, most over $300.

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2018-19 Panini Immaculate Collection Basketball Cards – September 13th, 2019

High end cards, look awesome. But this is for last year, no Zion in this release. 6 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 5 boxes per case. 3 autos and 2 memorabilia cards. $499.00 per box

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