Doing The Opposite to Find Sports Card Deals

I talk about this on my podcast a lot.  It’s about doing the exact opposite of what everyone is doing. Why? Because that is where you will find the best deals.  You are always trying to buy low and sell high but to buy when everyone else is buying doesn’t make sense. To find the best deals you need to be smarter than everyone else and look where no one else is looking.

2018 Panini Prizm Sam Darnold PSA 10

If you listen to my podcast you’ll know I am a gigantic New York Jets fan and I want to buy PSA 10 Sam Donarld Panini Prism rookie cards, but when I started to get into football cards the prices were already too high at around $120 to me the pricing was on par with Baker Mayfield prices and he had done a little bit more than Sam Donald did in 2018.  This was not the buying opportunity I had to wait. So when Sam Darnold contracted mono I saw this as a buying  opportunity. I still wasn’t patient enough but I was able to buy multiple cards for less than $80, some as low as $60.  This is when you buy, you buy when the market is going down. He wasn’t playing poorly he didn’t do anything wrong he just got sick and that presented a buying opportunity.

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2018 Topps Update Jumbo Box

The same can be said for 2018 topps update. Their was a run on hobby and jumbo boxes because of how much the Ronald Acuna Jr. base rookie cards was going for in a PSA 10 as well as having Gleyber Torres and Juan Soto rookie card. PSA 10 Acuna Jr cards were going for as high as $175. So all these people were buying these boxes and opening them up to try and get these cards. What did they do with the rest of those cards? The buying opportunity is in buying the rest of those cards because people are just trying to get rid of them. They are trying to recoup whatever money they can after chasing Acuna Jr, Juan Soto, and Gleyber Torres.  You should be able to buy an Austin Meadows, Ohtani, or any other inserts for a much cheaper cost then what is typical because people will be a lot more supply.

The same can go for seasons, right now you should start looking for deals for baseball cards because it’s the end of the season. You should start looking for players and teams that didn’t make the playoffs. Their will be buying opportunities through out the end of the year and in January and even in February. You should be also able to buy football cards starting with teams out of the playoff hunt and around March thru July.  There will be an uptick around draft time.   

Doing the opposite of what everyone is doing is where you can find the best deals and make the most money from flipping.  If you keep buying during the off-season of each sport you live steady supply of cards to sell and make money. Now buy some cards and go broke.  

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