I Was Wrong about 2019 Stadium Club

So I was checking out the previous years stadium club cards and thought to myself they look nice, but resale values aren’t great. This wasn’t a deep dive look but just my initial impression. Stupid! I’m so stupid!

I do a daily podcast, click here and subscribe, and I tell people not to buy this set because the reasons I stated previously. Again, stupid, you’re so stupid! I said this just looking at Cardboard Connection and nothing else. I shouldn’t have given an opinion until I at least saw a box opening of it. The next day I quickly reneged on what I said.

Why did I renege? Well that night I watched a box opening on YouTube – Jabs Family (should subscribe to his channel) and when I looked at each base card, the colors and pictures just popped. They looked simply amazing. At the time they were $60-$70 per box and you received 2 auto’s. Not a bad deal. Then I watched a breaker open a case and I fell in love. In my opinion these are the best looking cards I have seen since getting back into the hobby, which was last September.

So what did I do? Immediately, bought 2 boxes of these cards. I may buy more because I would like to collect the set. Following dealers on twitter, which I suggest you all do, I learned that it takes about 3 to 4 boxes to get a complete set. Their are 300 cards to the set this year. Stadium Club is considered the hardest set to get out of a case and the price reflects this. It cost about $60-70 to buy a complete set.

Check out my video where I open up my two boxes!

Too be honest I didn’t see any of the inserts, the base cards are the ones that looked great. The base cards have a bunch of variations (Black foil, gold foil, red foil, basically a lot of different foil, as well as Chrome versions of these cards. Also, each insert has an autograph version so they really try to make things as confusing as possible. A Topps staple. Here are some of the inserts you can get in a box of Stadium Club.

The Beam Team you only get 1 in a box.

They look nice but the picture quality isn’t close to what the base cards are.

A new insert, but they are all new to me since it’s the first time I am collecting them is the warp speed insert. Based off of cardboard connection they are going for a 90’s theme.

Another insert is Emperor’s of the Throne. They don’t look terrible either. So enthusiastic. I know.

The case hit Instavision insert will be harder to get. They also come in red, black, orange, and gold parallels. Eh….

Don’t forget about the Box Toppers! They look amazing. Yes I posted a pic above but it’s so good i had to post this picture again. 1 per box and some may be signed.

Awesome, amazing, stupendous. Yeah, you get it I like this set. The pictures are amazing! I think the base set and their autograph’s are the cards to collect. The inserts are okay. I like the look of the Beam Team the best. The price of a hobby box when released was around $60-70, is a great price for a box that guarantees 2 autographs.

As always, Buy some cards and go broke!

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