The first thing you should buy before cards are supplies! You might be able to get them cheaper at card shows, but I would suggest just ordering them online. Here are the links to the supplies I have purchased before.

Top Loaders

top loaders

Top Loaders – Standard – 3″ x 4″ – You need to keep your cards protected and you will need top loaders . This gives you 200 standard thickness top loaders and it also comes with 200 penny sleeves. This is the first thing I bought once I realized I didn’t have anything to protect my cards.

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Penny Sleeves

penny sleeves

Penny Sleeves – All cards that go in top loaders should be in penny sleeves.This soft plastic protects your cards from scratches.

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Team Bags

team bags for sports cards

Team Bags – If you are shipping common cards or a single card in a top loader team bags are the way to go. You don’t want to use scotch or painter’s tape to close the top of a top loader. People will laugh at you. The one I recommend will give you 1000, but is way way cheaper then buying 100 at a time. You will go through these so you can never have enough.

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Card Savers

card savers

Card Savers 1 – These are used when submitting you cards to be graded. They will only accept them in these holders. *Note – recently PSA has been accepting top loaders when submitting your cards. But for how long?

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Storage Boxes

storage boxes

Boxes – When you starting opening wax boxes, you will have a lot of commons. You will need a large box to put these in to keep them protected. Also, so you can hide them from your significant other. This box can hold up to 5000 cards. The 3000 count boxes are great as well if you don’t have as many cards – you get 3 boxes for a great price. If you are looking for a box to hold you graded cards the box needs to be taller. The 400 count boxes are great for sets. I found this great deal where you can get 50 boxes for less than $1.00 each!

5000 Count Boxes – Click Here to Purchase.

(3) 3000 Count Boxes – Click Here to Purchase

Graded Card Boxes Hold 70-80 Cards – Click Here to Purchase

(50) 400 Count Boxes – Click Here to Purchase

Dymo 4XL – You will save time and money with this printer. You can easily create 4″x6″ shipping labels. When using a regular printer, you will waste a ton of tape and ink. With the Dymo 4xl you will never have to buy ink and the self adhesive sticker means you won’t have to use tape.

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Hygrometer – This tool measures the relative humidity. The more humidity the worse it is for your cards.

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Dehumidifier-Humidity is the killer of sports cards. The more pints a dehumidifier holds the less you have to dump the water out.

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Their are plenty of resources online that you can utilize for free to make informed decisions.

Ebay – This is the marketplace for sports cards. Enough said.

Cardboard Connection – This let’s you know when new cards are released and what they will look like. Also, will give you checklists. This should be your main spot to find information about baseball cards.

PSA Card – Here you can check the population and latest auction prices of PSA graded cards.

PSA Forum – This is a great place to chat, buy, and sell cards. You will need to sign-up but it’s all free.

Blowout Forums This is a great place where a ton of knowledge is shared. Great community. Sign-up and take advantage of this free knowledge.

Grading Services

PSA Cardhttps://www.psacard.com/ – They have been around along time and is the most popular grading service. They do both vintage and modern day cards.

Beckett Gradinghttps://www.beckett.com/grading – They are known for their price guides but now are just as popular as PSA with regards to grading. They are for modern day cards, I wouldn’t suggest vintage card grading thru Beckett.

SGC Gradinghttps://gosgc.com/ – They are an excellent grading service for vintage cards.

Auction Houses

Sirius Sports Auction – I believe this is the Number 1 auction house on the internet. 15% buyers premium to boot. Constantly have auctions.

The following I have signed up for but never bought from:

Goodwin & Co.

Mile High Card Company

There are plenty more but I haven’t checked them out or they seem to expensive.