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How to Begin Collecting and Investing in Baseball Cards

So… you want to get back into collecting baseball cards. After your wife, kids, family, friends all make fun of you. Yes, even point and laugh, you go to your local card shop. 1st thing you will realize is there aren’t many left. The 2nd thing you will find is that there are a whole bunch of different types of cards. What happened! Autographs, Relics, Refractors, chasing the Rainbow. What are they talking about? Panini – What’s that? Where is Score? Where are the Upperdeck’s? Where do I begin? Well ,I’ve got you covered. Check out my podcast where I go over How to Begin Collecting and Investing in Baseball Cards. All you need to know to get you started.

How Many Different Types of Baseball Cards are Their?

Next I talk about all the different types of cards that are out their. Their are a ton! Topps owns the exclusive rights to MLB logo’s. So all Topps and Bowman, Topps owns Bowman now, will have the logo on their hats and jersey’s. Panini cards doesn’t have exclusive rights so they don’t have MLB logo’s. The cards are still really nice and are collectible. Panini owns donruss. Leaf also makes their own cards, but are no longer affiliated with Donruss or Panini. I did leave out Panini National Treasures, Immaculate, and Flawless which are high end products in this podcast. Enjoy!

Where to Sell Baseball Cards?

So now that you’ve done some damage and bought some cards you want to sell and make bank bro. You no longer have to rely on a card show, the local card shop (lcs) or trading with your friends. On this podcast I tell you all the different ways to sell your cards so you can profit and buy more!

Want to Learn More? Head over to the Resource page where you can find supplies for your cards! Don’t buy cards without protecting them! Take a look at other websites to go to and learn more about collecting/investing in baseball cards.

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