Top 6 Places to Buy and Sell Sports Cards

When I got back into the hobby, I couldn’t believe all of the changes that were made. I knew Ebay had really changed the game and enabled collectors to buy cards that previously were hard to get. But were there other places that I didn’t know about? Well there was!

When I started searching I could’t believe all the different places I could go to buy, sell, and trade cards. Now if you have been following me and my podcast I have shared this information with you before. But if you are just starting out this will be a great starting point

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  1. Ebay – This is still the go to place to buy and sell sports cards. Ebay changed the game when they started back in the day. The ability to buy cards that people couldn’t get at their local card shops really was a huge draw. Also, the amount of cards that were available drove prices down which made cards more affordable. People complain about their fees, but I feel it’s a small price to pay for the amount of buyers they can attract.
  2. Facebook Groups – Outside of Ebay, facebook groups are the biggest buyers and sellers of sports cards. Engage with the community and you will be buying and selling in no time. Please be warned there are scammers on there. Luckily there is a website for that – Click Here. Also make sure you pay Paypal Goods and Services to protect yourself if they don’t ship the card. If you want to learn how to flip cards on facebook check out this interview! Click Here
  3. Instagram – A great place to post pictures of your cards to buy, sell, trade, or just show off. Instagram trends towards a younger crowd with newer cards being more popular on the platform. You can save on fees if you put the work into your account. Here is an article that I wrote to help you build your following and make some bank bro.
  4. COMC – This marketplace is only for buying and selling sports cards. You send in your cards and COMC will scan and list your cards for you. If someone buys you cards they ship it for you! The best part of Comc is that you can buy from multiple buyers and pay one shipping cost. They also have a feature that you can buy and then list the card without touching the card.
  5. Blowout Forum – They have different sections for each sport, there they talk about each release of cards. Also, they buy, sell, and trade cards on these forums. It’s a great place to learn as well as buy/sell cards.
  6. PSA Card Forums – Similiar to Blowout forums. But they also have set registries where you can see collector’s PSA sets. Take a look at what they are missing from the set and shoot them an email if you have the card for a sale. No guessing what they are looking for, you already know it!

Did I miss any? Please let me know in the comments below and if you found this informative please share!

September Football Card Releases

Panini Black – September 4th, 2019

5 cards per pack, 1 pack per box. 2 autograph’s, 1 memorabilia card and 2 base cards. $100.00 per box.

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Panini Spectra – September 13th, 2019

4 cards per pack, 4 packs per box, 8 boxes per case. 4 autographs per box, 6 relics, 5 base, and 1 insert. $359.00 per hobby box.

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Panini Flawless Collegiate – September 18th, 2019

10 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 2 boxes per case. 6 autographs, 2 memorabilia, and 2 gem cards per pack. $1,400.00 per box. Yikes.

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Panini XR – September 18th, 2019

7 cards per pack, 2 packs per box, 15 boxes per case. 2 autographs and 1 memorabilia per hobby box. $133.00 per box.

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 Panini Illusions – September 25th, 2019

5 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners). 3 autographs and 2 relics per hobby box. $165.00

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How to know if a prospect is a good deal?

So you have your list of prospects and your ready to start buying cards. Don’t have your list? 1st read my previous article to analyze which prospects you should go for. So where were we? Ah yes, so you go to the bank and ask for a loan of $100,000.00 and now you are ready to buy some cards! But which cards do we buy? There is only one card manufacturer that people consider to be the true rookie. That is Bowman and it’s their 1st card that you are looking for. How do you know it’s their first card? They make it dummy proof for us. It says it!

So now that we know which manufacturer and which prospect we are looking for let’s see if it’s a good deal.

From the previous article we looked at Jonathan India. He was selected by the Cincinnati Reds with the 5th pick and he is a 3rd baseman. He played well in 2018 and is continuing to play well this year. So let’s take a look at the price of his cards.

2018 bowman chrome jonathan india
2018 bowman chrome jonathan

So we can say it’s roughly $41.00 for his base autograph. Now we need to take a look at other 3rd base prospects, who are not in the majors, and their sold raw card prices.

2018 Bowman Chrome Alec Bohm – Last Three sold Avg (6/12/19) – $63.33

2018 Bowman Chrome Nolan Gorman – Last Three sold Avg (6/12/19) -$188.67

2015 Bowman Chrome Ke’Bryan Hayes -Last Three sold Avg (6/12/19) – $28.00

2016 Bowman Chrome Nolan Jones – Last Three sold Avg (6/12/19) – $50.61

Now let’s compare them with the stats (for this year) I used as discussed in my previous article:

Name BB%, K%, HR, OBP, 2B

Jonathan India – 9.8%, 25.1%, 8, .349, 8

Alec Bohm – 9.4%,12.6%, 3, .371, 9

Nolan Gorman – 11.5%,27.7%, 10, .358, 13

Ke’Bryan Hayes – 10.8%,19.7%,3, .333, 20

Nolan Jones – 19.8%, 22.7%, 5, .438, 6

Taking a look at these numbers we can say that Jonathan India more than holds his own. This is just a small sample and you will have to take a look at his career to see if this is just a blip in the screen or is a upward/downward trend. But based off my analysis, he is undervalued and should be a definite buy at this price. In my opinion he should cost between $50-60.

The numbers that I use aren’t strictly adhered too, but will give me a good basis to make my decision. These are not absolutes. But have helped me in determining who I should invest in. Now it’s time to buy some cards and make money!