Top 6 Places to Buy and Sell Sports Cards

When I got back into the hobby, I couldn’t believe all of the changes that were made. I knew Ebay had really changed the game and enabled collectors to buy cards that previously were hard to get. But were there other places that I didn’t know about? Well there was!

When I started searching I could’t believe all the different places I could go to buy, sell, and trade cards. Now if you have been following me and my podcast I have shared this information with you before. But if you are just starting out this will be a great starting point


  1. Ebay – This is still the go to place to buy and sell sports cards. Ebay changed the game when they started back in the day. The ability to buy cards that people couldn’t get at their local card shops really was a huge draw. Also, the amount of cards that were available drove prices down which made cards more affordable. People complain about their fees, but I feel it’s a small price to pay for the amount of buyers they can attract.

Check out this video I did about selling on ebay. If you need a place to start out here is the place.


2. Facebook Groups – Outside of Ebay, facebook groups are the biggest buyers and sellers of sports cards. Engage with the community and you will be buying and selling in no time. Please be warned there are scammers on there. Luckily there is a website for that – Click Here. Also make sure you pay Paypal Goods and Services to protect yourself if they don’t ship the card.

If you want to learn how to buy cards to flip on Facebook check out this interview below!

3. Instagram – A great place to post pictures of your cards to buy, sell, trade, or just show off. Instagram trends towards a younger crowd with newer cards being more popular on the platform. You can save on fees if you put the work into your account. Here is an article that I wrote to help you build your following and make some bank bro.



4. COMC – This marketplace is only for buying and selling sports cards. You send in your cards and COMC will scan and list your cards for you. If someone buys you cards they ship it for you! The best part of Comc is that you can buy from multiple buyers and pay one shipping cost. They also have a feature that you can buy and then list the card without touching the card.

5. Blowout Forums – They have different sections for each sport, there they talk about each release of cards. Also, they buy, sell, and trade cards on these forums. It’s a great place to learn as well as buy/sell cards.

6. PSA Card Forums – Similiar to Blowout forums. But they also have set registries where you can see collector’s PSA sets. Take a look at what they are missing from the set and shoot them an email if you have the card for a sale. No guessing what they are looking for, you already know it!

Did I miss any? Please let me know in the comments below and if you found this informative please share!

Wait! Wait! I have to add 1 more!

Next Door App – I found this app awhile back but never used it to buy sports cards. Well that changed last month. I posted that I was looking to buy sports cards and I received a ton of messages. I eventually bought 13 sets from an older women who was just looking to get them out of her house. I bought them really cheap too. Don’t miss out on this app which can be downloaded on ios and android.

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26 thoughts on “Top 6 Places to Buy and Sell Sports Cards

  1. My grandson and granddaughter had been given a couple boxes of sports cards. They have been doing research. I don’t want them to get ripped off/ taken advantage of. What’s your advce for them?

      1. Hello My name is Ralph M, Auction Buyer, through out my findings, I did aquire some sheets of base ball / basket ball CARDS, would like to sell, Discription, ICON, Jordan,Shaq,Ken Griff,Jr, and a few more, I have not posted anything yet, please contact me would like to hear what you think i should do first, Thanks, ralphm60@gmail.com

      2. Hey, thanks for your time..I have a few cards I’m trying to sell but I don’t know too much about the $$ on them..I have a mint Micky mantle m.v.p 1956-57 no 475 com set card #31..topps chrome albert belle legacy card..babe ruth mega card he knew the way home..and Sammy sosa gold covered history breaking 62nd home run 9/13/98 certificate of authenticity 23kt gold card..I have a ton more just wanted to put a few out there and see what I’m working with

    1. First, be careful not to bend or break the corners, you can buy plastic protectors on eBay and then look up the card on eBay to see how much the particular card is selling for, good luck

    2. Find a friend that collects, and let them look at your cards and explain the correct way to treat the cards and make it fun for them, to many collectors are not in it for the fun anymore they want only money, some would steal or try and buy them away at a lower price from even their own mother, believe me one of the best memories I have as a little boy was getting that ken Griffey or that nolan ryan out of a pack so us as collectors really need to keep it real for the generations to come.

  2. I have a set of 1997 pacific dynacon football cards. Full set of Pacific collection. Mint condition. ASAP.

    1. You can search what they sell for on ebay. You can sell them on ebay, facebook sports card groups, or on instagram.

  3. Mr. Reyes, I recently pulled a 2020 panini contender draft picks J.K. Dobbins magenta printing plate auto 1 of 1 that has an date stamp Jan 24, 2024 and some kind of time stamp on the backside. I’ve only recently gotten back into collecting but I’ve never seen this before, I can’t find anything about this and everyone I’ve spoken to has no ideas either. I’ve written to Panini but have had no luck. I have pictures that I can send you if you like, I tried to attach one but it didn’t work. Thanks for any help you can provide, I do appreciate it.

    1. A printing plate is exactly that what they use to make sports cards. That’s why they are a 1/1. Also why you won’t find much information on that particular card because you have the only one of them Many collectors collect these printing plates. Other people don’t like them. Either case they are rare and hard to get out of a pack. Congrats! You can click this link here – https://ebay.to/3jXMlXN – which will bring you to ebay so you can see what other ones are going for. You also have a RB who should getting significant amount of touches on one of the best teams in the league – the Baltimore Ravens. At this time 9/7/20 – you should get over $100, maybe closer to $150.00.

      SVA Card Collectors

      1. Hello, I was passed down 2 Tiger Woods ROOKIE Cards

        1997-99 Grand Slam Ventures Tiger Woods ROOKIE Masters Collection GEM-MT 10
        and I also have 2001 Legends Sports Volume 13 Num.1 #NNO Tiger Woods Record Low Score GEM-MT 10 

        but because I know NOTHING about sports or these cards could you PLEASE tell me if they are worth anything or where I could sell them

      2. I’m not a collector but my father left me 2000 rookies card looking someone to help me sell them only half of fame players football players basketball players and baseball.

  4. I have 20,000+ cards and want to move them all at once. Kind of overwhelmed with all. Do trusted buyers or even middlemen come in and look at what you have? If not, someone needs to do that as I bet there are many others in the same boat, right?! Most of are not sitting on 1950-1960s sets but have a ton of modern cards , not the junk era either. A few SP/SSP’ s could make a real difference in value. There’s definitely a need for that.
    I do have a platform to use to connect people. Email me sometime if interested in discussing.
    Thks, Kevin in Texas!👏🤘🏼🤘🏼😉🤘🏼

  5. I have baseball cards from the 1930’s and up football cards from the 1960’s and up and basketball cards from the 1970’s and up to sell

    1. Hi Andrews,

      I just ran across this site and was reading the posts. If you still have the cards you’re wanting to sell, let me know. I might be interested in buying some/all of them. If I’m not, I’m sure I could help you sell them.

      Feel free to reach out.

      I’m in Portland OR.

  6. Hello,
    I have a small collection of sports cards and I would like to sell them, but I have no Idea how much they are worth or what to do. Could you please help me? I don’t want to get ripped off or taken advantage of…so, what’s your advice for me?

  7. Would it be a good idea to have a Facebook Store with cards on it to sell and also go to the Facebook groups?

    1. not really, ebay solds is the most accurate market indicator. Their can be manipulation of course, but it’s the best we have right now.

  8. Hello, I have baseball and football cards that I want to sale. But I know nothing about price or if their even worth anything, I’ve looked up a couple of them on the internet and they value from $50 to $350, I just dont want to be scammed when I do sale them. Can you give me some advice on what or where I could go for help in my area Merced California

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