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When Does Target/Walmart Restock Sports Cards?

They typically restock from the hours of 9am- 2pm, Monday thru Friday. The vendor, MJ Holdings the biggest distributor for Walmart, Target, and Meijer of sports cards, doesn’t have a particular day or time that they restock stores. You will have to go each day or ask a manager.


You want to get back into collecting sports cards. When I was collecting back in “the day” we went to a local card shop or a candy store for a pack of cards. You hear people talking about buying sports cards in retail stores, like Target or Walmart, but when you go it’s always empty or worse Opening Day blaster boxes! So, when do they restock these boxes of cards?



Now I wrote typically because you may have stores that restock at night or over the weekend. But usually that’s not the case. Also, not all of the managers know or will want to give you that information. One way to get some information is too be nice and courteous. That should go without saying.

The best way to get this information is to build a rapport with a manager or even better the vendor stocking the retail store. What I like to do is just ask them a bunch of questions and listen. Just listen. The next time you meet, take the information you gathered and use it to your advantage. If the manager tells you they are working crazy hours and hardly get any sleep, buy them a gift card to Starbucks. They will more likely remember you and will tell you ahead of time when a vendor is coming or even better will hold some boxes for you.


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What Sports Cards Can I Buy From Target or Walmart?

Target and Walmart sells blaster boxes, mega boxes, gravity boxes, single packs, hanger boxes, Cello/Fat pack (3 packs in one). They also sell factory sealed complete sets. All of these boxes/packs have inserts that can be found in hobby boxes as well as retail only inserts.

Now that you have the inside scoop, what sports cards can you buy? What type of boxes do they have?


Watch me as I open up a box of 2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Mega Box that I bought from target.


Why Do People Buy Sports Cards from Walmart and Target?


People buy sports cards in Walmart and Target because they are much cheaper then buying them on Ebay/Facebook/Instagram. Resellers buy packs or boxes for $10-$30. They are able to sell for double or triple their cost. Collectors buy because they are looking to save money instead of buying from 3rd party sellers.

You go to Walmart and you see 10 people online waiting for the vendor to unload sports card boxes. Why would people be waiting for these cards?


These boxes were bought for $20.00 each and sold for $75.00 on Ebay.


One of the downsides of buying sports cards at a retail store is that it’s getting harder to actually find these boxes. Resellers are buying all of the boxes on the shelf leaving nothing for people who are looking to buy a box or two. Some retail stores have started to limit the number of boxes you can buy but not all stores have this policy in place.

If you’re able to find boxes at a retail store it’s the cheapest way to buy sports card boxes. The other route would be to spend hundreds of dollars on Ebay or at a sports card shop buying hobby boxes or the marked-up prices on retail. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!



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9 thoughts on “When Does Target/Walmart Restock Sports Cards?

  1. Thanks for the info. I just started collecting again after almost 30 yrs. Hunting for these retail priced cards is exciting, but real pain in the butt as well.

  2. Great information, the only problem is the managers are the ones buying all the cards at my local Walmart. I have witnessed this myself.

  3. yeah I guess it’s a question of like when to go, when are they releasing stuff and timing it. I dont wanna have to start going to target everyday lol

  4. Target is starting to distribute cards on only Friday at 8am and the line forms at midnight good luck ever finding cards again lol. These people who do this make a living off selling on the second hand market. Your competing against gangs, con men, hoodlums, the worst of the worst. What is even worse is this is a legal way for bad people to make another come up. I’ve already witnessed 2 fights and I heard about robbery after robbery. The innocence was lost long ago in the sports card collecting world. It’s a dog eat dog game this time. There are teams going around the cities and setting up shop. It’s sad the days of dad coming in with his son are done now you see grown men in there 20s and 30s trying to intimidate the smaller kids and take over.

  5. Retail cards are not as valuable as hobby cards so the odds of finding a high end card at target or Walmart are slim to none. Check eBay, see the difference hobby/retail. So is it really worth the aggravation

  6. I’ve finally had enough of this. Some of these boxes/packs are not going for double or 3 times the cost. They’re going for 10 fold for some of these products (Panini Prizm Basketball, especially). Not only are the managers buying them all up, it’s employees, as well. Go in one hour and nothing on the shelf. A half hour later, at 8am, empty displays. THEY’RE NOT EVEN MAKING IT TO THE SHELF! The process is beyond horrible and needs several adjustments. They make their employees park in the back of the lot for customers, yet buy up the most in demand items…? Writing Panini is a complete waste of time for ANY reason and have a release date with time and LIMITS! And customers first, RIGHT????

  7. I got back into the hobby last year because I liked the 2020 Topps Heritage cards 1971card design. I bought blaster boxes at Target and pulled some nice cards and inserts. The blaster boxes bought at Walmart were very suspicious. First, the boxes did not have the Topps imprint on the plastic wrap. I thought Topps may have done this, but after buying about 10 boxes and getting nothing in them, I knew something was definitely wrong. Then I saw an Youtube video showing how the distribution company, MJ Holdings, deliberately releasing the cards at times when certain buyers were there. I also suspect that either MJ Holdings or a Walmart employee were searching the boxes and resealing with plastic wrap. With this years release of cards being in high demand, almost all Walmarts and Target have no cards available despite indicating that they are in stock on the website. Someone is holding these cards back for their business partners, most likely the managers of the stores. Only one Walmart in the Sacramento area has cards available because they put them behind the counter in the customer service department. Each person can only buy 1 box or pack.

    At least Target has a virtual line that you can sign up to purchase cards, but even after signing up, and being number 9 in line, I was never contacted when the cards were back in stock. I suspect my name and number was scrubbed off the text notification list so their business counterparts can purchase the cards. I am having severe reservations about buying cards at Target and Walmart. After doing some research, I have read that the big card distributors may be cheating customers too buy pack searching and resealing boxes. There are few options on purchasing cards and feeling secure that the box is legitimate. I bought from Topps this year but was limited to only 1 hobby box and those sold out quickly. Luckily a friend of mine, who knew I wanted Heritage cards bought a box for me from Topps.

    There has always been shady people messing up the hobby since I began collecting in the 1980s, but it seems like it has been taken to a higher level. I wish I remained in contact with the many card show dealers from the past to procure cards. I went to the local card shops but there prices are outrageously priced. I think I will go back to collecting pre-1980 cards and only buy from reputable dealers. These cards are the true collectibles. Why would you pay millions for a Tom Brady, Luka Doncic, or Lebron James chase rookie card that is limited to 1, when you can purchase a Mantle, Aaron, or Mayes rookie card that were massed produced but truly rare because most were not taken care of.

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